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Tips for Selecting the Best Gold-Plated Necklace

Today, many people appreciate gold-plated necklaces, and they normally do their best to get the right ones. However, there are many people who do not know how to identify genuine gold-plated jewelry. If you are considering getting some gold jewelry, it is a must that you get educated on how to identify the real gold. This will save you from the hands of unscrupulous traders who are after your money. You may also consult a professional dealer who will advise you on the best gold-plated necklaces to choose from. The following are tips for selecting the best gold-plated necklaces.

When searching for affordable gold-plated necklace, you must consider whether it is hollow, plated, or solid gold. You must realize that plated gold necklaces are often cheaper. In addition, this plating normally wears off after a few years, and this exposes the underneath metal. Therefore, if you want it to look like a new one, you will have it re-plated to restore its original state. Also, there are gold necklaces that are hollow, and you will note that they are lighter than necklaces made of solid gold. Hollow necklaces are not expensive compared to the solid gold chains.

Further to this, you must decide you want how many karats for your gold chain. However, note that the more pure the gold initial necklace for gift is, the less durable and softer it will be. Therefore, depending on how durable you want your necklace to be, you will be able to select how many karats of gold you need for your necklace. There are also some necklaces that can cause an allergic reaction, and hence you must be careful when choosing one if you have allergy problems.

It is also essential that you pick the link type for your gold chain because this will determine if it will be easy to kink. It will also determine if the chain is likely to break. A kinked necklace is usually difficult or even impossible to repair. In addition, you must consider how thick these links will be for your chain. However, this depends on your preference and also if you will need a pendant. Look for more facts about jewelry at

At the same time, you must inspect the clasp, which ought to close well and be strong to avoid breaking. It is advisable that you pick the lobster clasp since it is highly preferable. The gold-plated necklace must also be smooth to avoid irritation on your skin.

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